Starting Another Blog

The Name

Welcome to my blog, oddrops. I decided to choose a name to reflect what I anticipate will be erratic and eclectic postings. Judging by the number of WordPress blogs that I checked for an available name, there are quite a few people with the same idea:

  • nothings “blogging, eh? might as well try it out” – for four entries in May 2006 until blogger’s block struck?
  • reflections with a single entry that ends “…something to help me remember when I begin to forget”. Clearly, ending with forgetting to post again.
  • shards “new manga by young artists” who must have got too old as the last entry is in June 2009?
  • reflets – a French blog with a strap line that translates as “dreams and jam” with a single entry announcing the birth of, I assume, his own bébé – which may explain the lack of subsequent entries.
  • bitsandpieces – a poet.
  • serendipity written by Sarah who was born on Valentine’s Day.

Then there were names that were deleted (oddsandends, oddbits) and more or with nothing but, the automatically generated, “Hello World” post. Eventually I decided on “odd drops”, but, of course, you’re not allowed spaces or reserved characters in WordPress. “odddrops” looked a little strange; so is born.

Does the world need another blog?

Of course, it doesn’t! There’s a enormous amount of bullshit out there already; my little extra dollop won’t make much difference.

Why am I starting a new blog? For several reasons, but mainly to extend the range of tasks for which I use my iPad.

I have owned an iPad since v1 went on sale in the UK. In the few months since the launch announcement, I had read many pundits proclaiming that the iPad was going to be brilliant for content consumption, but crap for content creation. I soon decided that view was blinkered; there are many, very clever, very useful apps for getting stuff done.

I couldn’t find an app that is compatible with my current blogging platform, Blogware. I could have used the browser interface, but I don’t like it much; so I decided to change. I did an unscientific survey of what’s available and decided to go with WordPress and Blogsy, which I’m currently using to compose this post.
And because I can…

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