This kind of **** is no better than spam

iPad 3 Definitely coming in the Spring –

I spotted this headline while browsing Zite, which has become one of my main newsreaders. As an iPad fan, I naturally clicked the link to read the entire article, which turns out to be BS and got me sufficiently aggravated to write this post.

Is the any shadow of doubt in the headline? Any whisper of of uncertainty? A hint of scepticism? The merest trace of disbelief? No, there frickin’ well isn’t!

So what do you get when you read this prognostication?

  • “The iPad 3 is still an unconfirmed device…”
  • “…very little is known about it”
  • “…sources indicate…”
  • “The so-called inside source has not been identified…”
  • “…the reports indicate that it is a trustworthy source.”
  • “No word when Apple will actually announce anything…”

And finishes will the earth-shattering “it [an announcement] will likely be after the holiday season”.  Useless drivel all the way!

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