Galápagos Islands: Part 2

Day 3 Sunday: Boarding at Baltra

An early start was required to fly from Quito to Baltra. By now we were some 90-strong, and Celebrity had booked a charter flight for us operated by AeroGal—a shiny Airbus 319—which was quite comfortable. The flight lasted just over two hours. Baltra is very small and dry, and there’s not much there apart from cactus. Taxiing in to the terminal, I looked out of the window and there was a lot of scruffiness with rubbish and rubble lying around. The airport claims to be the first ecological airport in the world with a zero carbon footprint. It does leave a footprint in your wallet, however, as you get stiffed $15.50 in additional to the National Park entrance fee for all the environmental friendliness.

After a short coach transfer to the pier, we boarded Zodiacs to take us to our ship, the Celebrity Xpedition.

After a decent buffet lunch (food on board was excellent all week), the ship cruised around the tiny islands of Daphne Major and Minor for some long distance birdwatching. I had my first chance to take some pictures of the frigate birds that often followed the ship.

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  1. beautiful photos 🙂 !!

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