More Musical Nostalgia

I’ve been continuing my vinyl ripping—French section—and, therefore, my forays into the YouTube archives. For your edification and delight, here are some videos of classic songs by Jacques Brel and Edith Piaf.

Les Bourgeois is an amusing song, gently poking fun at the self-importance of youth.

Amsterdam is one of my Brel favourites.

David Bowie covered Amsterdam in English; the version I have is from an album of radio sessions, Bowie At The Beeb, which I can’t find on YouTube, so here’s an alternative.

Of course, I had to include this song:

I have the album for the 1962 concert where Piaf sang this song, La Foule, at the Paris Olympia.

It looks like Piaf is wearing the same LBD, but I don’t think it’s the same concert.

One oddity I found was this video of Amsterdam, in which Brel’s voice has been transformed to sound like Piaf’s.

My final selection is a song from Charlélie Couture—less renowned, perhaps, than Piaf or Brel, but no bum. He’s also not dead, younger than me and living in New York.


  1. Brel was amazing. Such a talent.

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