Dilbert Last Lines

I’ve been doing some disk housekeeping and came across a bunch of Dilbert strips that I’d saved. Here’s a few last lines. I decided not to identify the “speaker”; I think it’s more fun without.

I don’t buy; I shovel.

For once, it wasn’t all bad.

Here’s a jar to put your conscience in. I’ll put it in the cupboard with mine.

Someone left the supply cabinet unlocked.

You’re thinking of gazpacho.

I make my own underpants from sandwich bags.

I’ll have to run some chaos and complexity simulations, but it looks as if you need more money.

And if you talk about fish to a starving man, you’re a consultant.

That’s the problem with randomness. You can never be sure.

Oh, wait… I just recognised a pattern.

Because sometimes less is more.

I’d rather not take sides until I hear the monkey’s version.

No, you look like a chewer.

His hair parts in the middle. That’s just wrong.

Add a chart.

That’s not what the Mayo Clinic said.

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