Stated Clearly

I came across the Stated Clearly website from browsing Kickstarter. (I’ve backed a few projects this year, but I’m still waiting for the first benefits to arrive). Stated Clearly’s mission is:

To promote the art of critical thinking by exposing people from all walks of life, to the simple beauty of science. We do this by taking complicated scientific topics such as “What is DNA and how does it work” and creating short, information rich animations that explain the topic in clear language.

They are doing this by producing videos (and some articles) that explain topics, so far mostly relating to evolution lasting about 8 or 9 minutes—some are a bit shorter, others a bit longer. Obviously, in this length of time, the treatment of any topic is hardly exhaustive, but the ones that I’ve watched so far have given a very understandable overview. I definitely learned something from the ones I have watched so far: I now know what the Miller-Urey experiment is for one.


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