Don’t Throw Away Those Pennies

This story appeared in the News app on my iPad: apparently, quite a few people would rather throw money away than carry “heavy” coins around. I first came across this behaviour when I was working on a project in Dublin years ago. I was waiting for a lift with a colleague (who shall rename anonymous) when he pulled out some coppers and threw the coins into the waste bin. This was pre-Euro, and the copper coins were much larger than they are now, but even so I was horrified at such decadent behaviour. I persuaded my colleague that we should have a charity mug—we shared adjoining desks—into which we put our pennies. When the mug was full, I’d take the money with me to Dublin Airport and slot the coins into the charity box inside.

I have continued this habit to this day: all coins of 10p or lower (and leftover foreign currency) go into my charity vase. When it’s full, I usually put the money in a bag and take it with me when I’m flying somewhere on BA and donate it to their Change for Good programme.

The survey on which the Mirror story is based was carried out by Mecca Bingo, who are trying to persuade people to gamble with those pennies, which seems like another way to throw money away. So why not do what I do?



  1. 10p?! Toffs are careless 😉

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