Islamic Extremism – A Politically Incorrect Rant

A forceful argument that I find convincing…

Michael A. Sherlock (Author)

Religious fundamentalists and extremists are people who practice the fundamentals of their religion extremely well.

I am becoming extremely agitated over the seemingly endless willful ignorance surrounding the seemingly endless atrocities committed by Islamists. You would think that after the hundredth time or so, and here I omit centuries of devastation wrought by this religion – but you would think that after all of the atrocities committed within last decade or so, that people would stop making excuses for a belief system that clearly fuels such violence. You would think that people might, just for a moment, put down their pretentious pandering and their pathetic platitudes and their mantras of political correctness, and have the courage to say, the problem is Islamism – the problem is Islam. How many more Islamic atrocities need we suffer before silent and cowardly scholars throw their hats into the discussion? How many more lives…

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