Recipe for Homemade Limoncello


1 litre vodka
6 oz simple syrup (1:1 warm water:sugar)
6 oz Sherry or 4 oz dark rum
30 lemons
0.5 litre distilled water



Thoroughly wash lemons to remove any wax and pesticides.
Peel lemons taking care not to remove any pith. [1]
Place the lemon skins into a large jar.
Add the vodka.
Leave in a dark, but not chilled, place.

After one week, remove and dispose of the skin.
Add the simple syrup.
Add either the medium dry sherry or the dark rum.
Add the distilled water.
Mix well, bottle and refrigerate.

After chilling the limoncello is ready to drink.

[1] Use the rest of the lemons to make lemonade, if you must.

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