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I have been challenged on several occasions since the EU referendum on June 23rd over my attitude towards democracy. “You lost. Get over it. That’s democracy. We’ve got to leave. We’re all Brexiters now”. I am firmly a democrat, and that is why I’ve continued to argue the case for the UK to remain in the EU. In some circles, sadly including the UK government, democracy now means complying with the demands of the owners and editorial staff ouf our most unpleasant tabloids. They represent “the will of the people”. I don’t buy that, and I don’t accept the rather childish definition of democracy that means if you get one more vote than the other side then you can do whatever you want.

This article sums up my arguments why I think leaving the EU on the basis of the referendum result, and especially leaving the Single Market, is not…

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FoM isn’t the problem. The problems are UK Government’s failure to implement properly



Myth Buster – Debunking the horror stories surrounding the EU Freedom of Movement directive. 

 Currently Theresa May has made stopping FoM a red-line issue even at the expense of the UK’s membership of the Single Market.


 One of the four freedoms enjoyed by EU citizens is the free movement of workers. This includes the rights of movement and residence for workers, the rights of entry and residence for family members, and the right to work in another Member State and be treated on an equal footing with nationals of that Member State. Restrictions apply in some countries for citizens of Member States that have recently acceded to the EU.

There appears to be 4 major arguments in favour of stopping EU migrants exercising this freedom to come and work in the UK. It is my intention to debunk each of these arguments as plainly false.

Claim 1 – “Inability…

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As A Mother & Survivor, I’m Having “Big Feelings” About Michelle Obama’s Speech

I can’t tell her I’m so full of rage and hurt I cannot bear to let it out. I can’t tell her that when I was twice her age, a man thought he could do whatever he wanted, and he raped me. I can’t tell her that to explain what one of the candidates for president is saying, I have to explain what “rape” is, and why I care so deeply about it. I can’t tell her I’m full of dread that the world she is entering will permit him not only to assault her, but also give him power over our entire country.

Source: As A Mother & Survivor, I’m Having “Big Feelings” About Michelle Obama’s Speech

Brexit is about deregulation – not immigration. An open letter to Leavers …

Pride's Purge

Dear Leavers,

Polling shows us most of you voted to leave the EU for two main reasons.

Firstly, you wanted to regain sovereignty for Britain, and secondly most of you wanted to see a reduction in the numbers of people from other countries coming into the UK:


The sad truth is, however, that your leaders – who are now in control of Brexit – have no intention of reducing immigration after the UK leaves the EU:

And it looks like your leaders have absolutely no intention of regaining sovereignty for Britain either.

Quite the opposite in fact.

They want Brexit so they can sell off large parts of British services and infrastructure to foreign interests outside the EU – particularly in the US and China:


We also know those who ran the Brexit campaign openly lied to you about spending more money on the NHS if the UK voted to leave the EU.

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Trump, the GOP, and the Fall

At this point there is no doubt that Donald Trump is the single worst major party presidential candidate in living memory, almost certainly the worst since the Civil War, and arguably the worst in the history of this nation. He is boastful and ignorant and petty, disdainful of the Constitution, a racist and a sexist, the enabler of the worst elements of society, either the willing tool of, or the useful idiot for, Vladimir Putin, an admirer of despots, an insecure braggart, a sexual assaulter, a man who refuses to honor contracts, and a bore.

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Why Donald Trump’s Access Hollywood tape was the last straw for Paul Ryan and the GOP

Ryan’s tweet, and Trump’s continued free fall, suggests that the movement conservative narrative may finally be dying. The release of the tape may force regular Republican voters to face the reality that the movement conservatives’ demonization of minorities, organized workers, and women who demanded equality was never really about protecting hardworking American families. It was about creating a ruling class whose members could commit crimes against less powerful Americans with impunity. And so the vulgar boasting of a criminal thug may finally force the GOP to confront the ugly fantasy that has dominated its politics for a generation, and shock American politics back to decency.

Source: Why Donald Trump’s Access Hollywood tape was the last straw for Paul Ryan and the GOP — Quartz

Or not…


The consequences of the latest revelations about Douchebag Donald’s moral character are unfolding, but I just watched political strategist, Mac Wilber, talking on CNN. He had a great line:

The one thing we know about Donald is that he will shoot himself in the foot when the other one is bleeding.


Truth, Lies or Delusions


Prickly City: funny, very, very funny, believe me.


Truth or Lies 2

So here’s where we are: Pretty much everyone watching the debate agreed that Mike Pence lied over and over about simple stuff that’s on tape and easily verified. And yet pretty much everyone also agreed that he won the debate. Does anyone see the problem here?

Source: Mike Pence Lied Constantly Last Night. So How Can He Be the Winner of the Debate? | Mother Jones

Truth or Lies


Source: Jesus and Mo

And an honest man wouldn’t complain about his microphone not working when it was.

Jesus and Mo on the money again.