Ten Commandments

An oldie, but timely goldie from Jesus and Mo.

Truth or Lies


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And an honest man wouldn’t complain about his microphone not working when it was.

Jesus and Mo on the money again.


Debating Feminism

Another winner!

Rationale and Thomas Aquinas III

I’ve continued my exploration of argument mapping with Rationale, the browser-based argument mapping tool, using Thomas Aquinas’ Five Ways to prove the existence of God as my subject matter. I reached the point where I have base versions of the argument maps for each way.

In this post, I will be sharing the maps and commenting further on Rationale as a software tool.

Bacon Sarnie

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In a world defined by outrage and offence and liberal spinelessness, Jesus and Mo is a treasure, whose value we should never fail to recognize. Read them. Laugh. And think.

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An excellent post by Keenan Malik about the Jesus and Mo cartoons that I have shared several times previously. Do consider supporting the cartoonist’s work through Patreon.

Jesus and Mo on the money again

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Jesus and Mo nail it again

Jesus and Mo.

What a bunch of wankers are the IHRC!

My Clerihew

My Clerihew

A little while ago, I signed up with Patreon to support the work of the creator of the excellent Jesus & Mo cartoon strip. Part of the reward for this support was the promise of a personal clerihew, which was just delivered:

Roger Cavanagh
Your name rhymes with taverner.
Apart from that, not much –
Which is why this clerihew kind of sucks.

The author did acknowledge that this was probably not his best work: “So, yeah. Sorry about that!”. It’s just as well that the expectation of my clerihew was not a factor in my decision to support the author. Anyway here’s the latest cartoon:

Recent J&M cartoon

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‘Nuff Respect


I’m travelling for a while only limited access to slow, but expensive wifi. So here’s another from the Jesus and Mo archives.


It wasn’t me!

This is another hilarious cartoon from the Jesus and Mo archives. I was going to publish this on its own for today’s entertainment, but decided to check out Jesus farting on DuckDuckGo. It turns out that “Did Jesus fart?” is a question that’s been asked lots of times.

The Urban Dictionary had this definition:

fart of jesus: Thought to have been named after the actual farts that the Lord Jesus Christ was reported to have made on many occasions. A fart having a fragrant aroma not dissimilar to that of summer berries with a hint of coriander and wood smoke.

Mmmm, smells like the fart of Jesus.

They also offered:

jebus parp: Nice smelling fart.

Wow! That’s nice. You could say it was quite the Jebus parp.

I found several offerings on YouTube. Here’s a couple: the first dealing with the immediate question, and the second considering the theological ramifications of an affirmative answer.

Of course, for parents this can be an awkward topic as this post indicates, We Don’t Use ‘Jesus’ and ‘Fart’ in the Same Sentence.

My favourite question was from the person who wanted to know whether Jesus’ farts had healing properties like curing asthma. The most popular response was that Jesus would have needed a Dutch oven to do this. I had no idea what this was, but the Urban Dictionary came to my rescue again.

dutch oven: The act of trapping a person under bed covers after releasing vile ass fumes

Dave vomited on the sheets when his wife gave him a white castle dutch oven.