How the super-rich bought their Brexit victory

One of the undying Brexit myths is that it was a people’s revolt, a spontaneous anti-elite rebellion against a pro-European establishment. Yet we now learn that up to two-thirds of the cash that paid for Brexit came from just five extremely wealthy anti-European fanatics.

Source: InFacts How the super-rich bought their Brexit victory – InFacts

Colour me unsurprised.

Restoring Faith in Globalization

The communists are keeping the globalization faith; but the capitalists seem to have lost theirs. This is bizarre – and entirely out of sync with past performance and current facts. We have every reason to be confident in a process that has delivered more prosperity to more people than anyone could have dreamed of just a few decades ago. We must not be shy in defending globalization and combating reactionary nostalgia.We can have a brighter future – but only if we don’t seek it in the past.

Source: Restoring Faith in Globalization by Carl Bildt – Project Syndicate

A View on Safe Spaces

Prickly City strikes again!

Half of Leave voters want to bring back the death penalty after Brexit

The YouGov survey also found 42 per cent of those who opted to part ways with the European Union want corporal punishment back in schools and 30 per cent want inefficient light bulbs to return to shop shelves.

Source: Half of Leave voters want to bring back the death penalty after Brexit | The Independent