The dangerous delusion of no-deal Brexit – Ready or not

THE lure has always been powerful. Why negotiate with an organisation you dislike, which also wants to erode any gains from leaving? Why not just walk out? After all, no deal is better than a bad deal, as Theresa May has often said.
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LOSING control of our money, borders, laws and trade

Brexit supporters are organised and disciplined in their constantly repeated sound-bites. Almost every day you can hear the mantra “Take back control of our money, borders, laws and trade”. Constant repetition of this line is aimed at it becoming a commonplace, something that is accepted without discussion. Yet the assertion is false.

As with many of the mantras of the Brexit ultras, their simplistic phrases belie the complicated truth. In international relations, contrary to their assertions, the UK cannot just make demands and expect the EU, or indeed the rest of the world, to give us exactly what we want. Any form of international agreement requires some nominal loss of sovereignty and compromise, but this is balanced with mutual benefits and agreed routes for appeal if either party breaks the rules.

To describe marriage as ‘losing control’ of your right to be single would be seen by most people to be silly. Agreeing a mortgage so that you can live in a home is not ‘losing control’ of your money. Respectfully taking off your shoes when visiting a friend’s house is not ‘losing control’ of your right to own footwear.

Framing cooperation as a loss of control is a populist rhetorical device that is starting to be exposed as such, as the government is finally having to face the hard reality of what Brexit really means – and how much we, as a country, actually stand to lose if we leave the EU.

Source: LOSING control of our money, borders, laws and trade – Richard Corbett


Has Vote Leave broken the law? The Electoral Commission thinks so.

We know that the Electoral Commission reopened its investigation into Vote Leave, Darren Grimes and Veterans for Britain after the Good Law Project initiated judicial review proceedings. On 6 June 2018 Tom Watson asked a written question about that investigation: What can we tell from the answer? We can tell, from the reference to “in […]

Source: Has Vote Leave broken the law? The Electoral Commission thinks so. – The Good Law Project

Because you do not obtain the will of the people if you cheat.

How to win the Brexit Civil War. An open letter to my fellow Remainers

Brexit has already begun. Any attempt to deny this and merely ‘stop Brexit’ will fail. To succeed we must overthrow the Brexit project with another, positive one.

Source: How to win the Brexit Civil War. An open letter to my fellow Remainers

A post by Anthony Barnett, the author of Lure of Greatness.

Brexit is putting me off this whole ‘will of the people’ idea

Words count, which is precisely why free speech is so precious. But to be a citizen is to be vigilant and resilient – to understand the power of language and the cunning with which it is used. It is also to be what the PM calls a “doubter”, a sceptic in the face of certainty, a jealous guardian of the right to change one’s mind. The next time you hear someone claiming to speak for “the people” – and you will – be sure to count the democratic silver.

Source: Brexit is putting me off this whole ‘will of the people’ idea | Matthew d’Ancona

Why the EU is an exemplar of democracy, not anti-democratic

Sadly, despite what anti-European campaigners have over-promised, Brexit means less transparency, less influence and less effective decision making on bilateral and multilateral agreements.  It doesn’t increase our sovereignty, it decreases it. Theresa May’s oft repeated insistence that she will not provide a running commentary on negotiations significantly reduces the sovereignty of our Parliament.  That democratically elected MPs are being denied the opportunity to hold the government to account over these negotiations is not just the thin end of the wedge.  It is a poor precedent for less effective negotiations and a less democratic process which will inevitably lead to lower quality agreements that we cannot be sure will be enforced equitably.

Unlock Democracy, 02 Nov 2017

David Davis warns EU not to put ‘politics above prosperity’ in Brexit talks

David Davis, the Brexit secretary, has warned Germany and other European nations not to “put politics above prosperity” as they negotiate the UK’s split from the EU.

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Fucking hypocrite!

Russia used hundreds of fake accounts to tweet about Brexit, data shows

Researchers discover that accounts run from troll farm in St Petersburg tried to sow discord between Britons

Source: Russia used hundreds of fake accounts to tweet about Brexit, data shows

More indications that Brexit is not a good thing for the UK.

EU migrants give more than they take

So, why would Britain want to put a put a ‘brake’ on the numbers of citizens from the rest of the EU coming here, resulting in a drastic reduction in the huge benefits they bring to our country?

I asked the same question during last year’s referendum campaign on the James O’Brien LBC radio phone-in programme.

Mr James O’B responded:

“You leave me only with xenophobia and mild racism as the only motivation for the ‘Leave’ campaign…”

Is that right? Some Britons would prefer to forego the benefits that migrants bring to Britain because… they don’t like foreigners?

If so, that’s a high price the country will have to pay for the disease known as xenophobia.

How Brexit Was Engineered By Foreign Billionaires To Bring About Economic Chaos – For Profit

EUReferedum states in its overall aims for a post-Brexit Britain that: “Within the United Kingdom, our vision is for a government respectful of its people who will take on greater participation and control of their affairs at local and national level. Our vision fosters the responsibility of a sovereign people as the core of true democracy.”

On its current trajectory, Brexit is not going to deliver any of those noble outcomes, unless of course, you happen to be a foreign billionaire with significant interests in the game.

Source: How Brexit Was Engineered By Foreign Billionaires To Bring About Economic Chaos – For Profit – TruePublica