Britain: The End of a Fantasy

Brexit is an elite project dressed up in rough attire. When its Oxbridge-educated champions coined the appealing slogan “Take back control,” they cleverly neglected to add that they really meant control by and for the elite.

Source: Britain: The End of a Fantasy | by Fintan O’Toole | NYR Daily | The New York Review of Books


Corbyn catches the spirit of Brexit, then terror strikes

A complete upset and a Corbyn victory of any kind, such as a hung parliament will be a tremendous blow against her ‘hard and dirty Brexit’ – and could open the way for a more creative relationship with the European Union. As Theresa May’s election strengthens opposition to her within the Tory Party and across the country, and breathes a new form of life into the Labour Party, her control over the meaning of Brexit has been badly damaged. What Brexit means is no longer just up to her. A process I thought would start only five to ten years hence might begin within a week.

Source: Corbyn catches the spirit of Brexit, then terror strikes | openDemocracy

Sword in the Stone

Pointed by Non Sequitur, but I can’t argue with the message.


How Newspaper Lies Led to Brexit

It shouldn’t be hard to guess that the Daily Mail features in this talk by journalist, John Danzig. Watching this left me feeling nauseated by the duplicity.

Outsourcing Your Online Presence

It’s 2017. There are a million ways to get a web site set up inexpensively that you can easily update yourself. Setting up a Facebook page and letting your web site rot, or worse, not even having a web site of your own, is outsourcing your entire  online presence. That’s truly insane. It’s a massive risk to your business, and frankly, stupid.

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Daring Fireball

Strong and Stable My Arse

It’s Strong and Stable My Arse Day!

Why tax-avoiding billionaires wanted the UK to leave the EU

Nolan Jazimreg

“The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.”

Winston Churchill

Towards the end his BBC interview reflecting on the Supreme Court’s decision, Mr Farage revealed the true intention of his BREXIT campaign, stating:

“Well, we would be half-Brexiting is my guess – is that legally we may get out of some aspects of EU membership, but if we stay in the single market, we finish up with all our businesses being regulated somewhere else and indeed a court in Luxembourg that can overrule our own Supreme Court and if that happens it will a supreme act of betrayal.”

Mr Farage emphasised that: “if we stay in the single market, we finish up with all our businesses being regulated somewhere else”.  Instead of migration or national sovereignty, Farage singled out EU regulations on UK businesses as the…

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Macron: “Ma poignée de main avec Trump, ce n’est pas innocent”

“Il faut montrer qu’on ne fera pas de petites concessions, même symboliques”

“We must show that we don’t make small concessions, even symbolic ones…”

Source: Macron au JDD : “Ma poignée de main avec Trump, ce n’est pas innocent”




Indiscriminate Act Of Kindness

Here’s a great song.

Comey’s memo leaked!

Source: Comey’s memo leaked! « Why Evolution Is True

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