The government tried to bury news on the bloated House of Lords. Here’s the facts…

“Theresa May backs bid to cut size of House of Lords” began a headline in February. It seems that three months is a lifetime in politics…Over the weekend, the PM attempted to

Source: The government tried to bury news on the bloated House of Lords. Here’s the facts…

Can you say, “Sleazy bitch”.

There Is Only One Trump Scandal

The myriad Trump scandals can obscure the fact that they’re all elements of one massive tale of corruption.

Source: There Is Only One Trump Scandal

Sombre reading.

Two-faced Lying Bitch

SKZ Cartoons

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Laughed out loud.

Propaganda and Lies

Why the constant, often blatant lying? For one thing, it functioned as a means of fully dominating subordinates, who would have to cast aside all their integrity to repeat outrageous falsehoods and would then be bound to the leader by shame and complicity.

Open Culture

How often have we seen this over the last year?

Stephen Hawking Is Still Underrated

The late physicist’s radical ideas are still changing the way we look at the cosmos.

Source: Stephen Hawking Is Still Underrated

Trump vs. Gary Larson

Why Evolution Is True

Reader Ken Phelps has produced an updated take on an old and classic Gary Larson cartoon. Larson on the left, Phelps on the right:

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We’ll Have the Sake He’s Having

Masa’s sake is warm but not too hot, a balance of sweet and dry, giving me more of a heady high than traditional wine. I breathe in the fumes and take another sip. I pop some uni in my mouth and it’s bliss. Pure fucking bliss.

Road and Kingdoms

Has He No Sense of Decency?

In the “shithole era,” the Republican U.S. senators who object to the president’s vulgarity have a choice to make.

Source: Has He No Sense of Decency?

The same question can be asked of some of our British politicians.

Merry Christmas, etc.


Being away for most of December was the ideal excuse not to do any Christmas cards, so I haven’t and this is not a Christmas picture.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone.