International Blasphemy Rights Day

International Blasphemy Rights Day, held each year on September 30, is a day to show solidarity with those who challenge oppressive laws and social prohibitions against free expression, to support the right to challenge prevailing religious beliefs without fear of violence, arrest, or persecution.

Source: International Blasphemy Rights Day | Campaign for Free Expression

I did not know this. They should have t-shirts.

I was thinking about writing some obscenity about God or Allah, but what would be the point?

What’s Wrong with Blasphemy

The End Blasphemy Laws campaign believes “blasphemy” and “insult” to religion laws are wrong in several ways:

  • They violate the human right to freedom of expression
  • They protect religious belief and practices, institutions and leaders, from legitimate and necessary criticism
  • They are intrinsically bad laws
  • They legitimize mob violence, vigilantism, and persecution of minorities

This extract is from the site End Blasphemy Law, which is part of a new campaign aimed at the abolition of blasphemy laws. The campaign is lead by the International Humanist and Ethical Union and European Humanist Federation.

You can read a discussion of these bullet points here, and you can join the campaign here. I urge you to do so.