Do Goals Prevent Success?

Effectuative thinking, unlike causal thinking, is bottom-up. It doesn’t start with a final goal in mind. Instead, as Sarasvathy explains, “it begins with a given set of means and allows goals to emerge contingently over time.”

via Do Goals Prevent Success? – Study Hacks – Cal Newport.

This post touches upon a topic that I have written  about before here and here. Newport discusses the work of Saras Sarasvathy into entrepreneurship. The quick summary:

Sarasvathy identifies four main principles to approaching your work in this manner:

1. Start with what you already know how to do well.
2. Filter your efforts to avoid big downsides not to select for big upsides.
3. Work with other people who bring new abilities to the table.
4. Take advantage of the unexpected.

An Animated Argument Against Passion

An Animated Argument Against Passion – Study Hacks – Cal Newport.

I’ve been reading old posts on Cal Newport’s blog since I found it. For the background, read this post. This one contains a really great animation on the topic of work and passion.

Passion Is Bullshit

A recent post on Farnam Street drew my attention to a video of a talk by Cal Newport, ‘Follow Your Passion’ Is Bad Advice. I was reminded of Scott Adams’ book, How To Fail, etc. that I recently reviewed. Scott rather more bluntly (and with greater entertainment value, hence, my chosen title) writes “passion is bullshit”. While Scott writes about his own life, Cal according to the blurb about his book, distilled his ideas from talking to people from many different occupations. There’s a great deal of consonance in their thinking.

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