The Dissent Of Man by JF Derry: Unbound

This project is an attempt to explore the huge range of interpretations of Darwinism. To do this I’ve interviewed over fifty commentators: conservationists and creationists, bishops and biochemists, palaeoceanographers and Intelligent Design theorists, theistic evolutionists and a Bahá’í lecturer, sex researchers, mathematicians, ophthalmologists, linguists, evangelical Christians, philosophers, physicians and the Astronomer Royal. As a starting point, I asked each one the same question: ‘what does Darwin mean to you as an individual, and as part of humanity?’

via The Dissent Of Man by JF Derry: Unbound.

Sponsorship of this book seems to have stalled. I think it is a worthwhile project. Please consider offering your support.

I have no connection to the author except that I have also pledged.