Why republicans should still care about the coronation

OPINION: Charles’ crowning as king will encourage millions to keep marching to the beat of Britain’s posh boys

Source: Why republicans should still care about the coronation

Many of Britain’s comparative weaknesses – its economic malaise, its regional inequalities, its peoples’ sense of political alienation – are connected to its over-centralised state. In most democratic countries, ‘sovereignty’ ultimately lies with the people. In Britain, it works the other way around.

Sovereignty is centralised in the crown, administered by Parliament. It doesn’t rise up from citizens but flows down from the monarch, like urine. Local, regional and even devolved national governments can be overruled or marginalised by Westminster in ways that wouldn’t be legal in a federal country.

The coronation of a new sovereign is a vast celebration of this disastrous centralisation of power. It is a glorification of our failing system.