The Oxford Declaration on Freedom of Thought and Expression

Further to my post, a few days back, on the Freedom of Thought report, the World Humanist Congress, which has been meeting in Oxford over the past week has issued The Oxford Declaration on Freedom of Thought and Expression. The full text is reproduced below.


Full Text of Declaration

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Freedom of Expression

I’ve been reading the report, Freedom of Thought 2013 published by the International Humanist and Ethical Union:

Freedom of Thought 2013 is the first report to look at the rights and treatment of the non-religious in every country in the world. Specifically, it looks at how non-religious individuals—whether they call themselves atheists, or agnostics, or humanists, or freethinkers or are otherwise just simply not religious—are treated because of their lack of religion or absence of belief in a god. We focus on discrimination by state authorities; that is systemic, legal or official forms of discrimination and restrictions on freedom of thought, belief and expression.

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