Skippers Canyon

On our short trip in and out of Skippers Canyon, we enjoyed one of the more dramatic landscapes of our visit to New Zealand.

Skippers Canyon - 5 of 8

Skippers Road, part of which you can see in the photo, is pretty scary. It’s not very wide with a long, bumpy fall off to one side. If you have a hire car, the insurance doesn’t cover you to drive Skippers Road.

Skippers Canyon (some part of it) was also use as a location in Lord of the Rings.

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As we are big Lord of The Rings fans, one of the highlights for Gia and me on our recent trip to New Zealand was the Hobbiton tour. The movie set is in Matamata; it was about 50-minutes’ coach-ride from Rotorua where we were staying.

The Green Dragon

The Green Dragon by the lake

The story we were told was that Peter Jackson had sent scouts around NZ looking for suitable locations for LOTR. The scout arrived at this 1200-acre sheep farm on a Saturday afternoon while the owner was watching rugby on TV. Given permission to take a look, the scout had three principle criteria for Hobbiton: hillside, a large tree and a lake. Apparently, Jackson loved the site so much that he discarded previously shot footage from a dozen sites.

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Lord of The Rings Demystified

We are in Queenstown, New Zealand. Today we went on a trip to visit some of the locations where Lord of The Rings was filmed. One of them was the Arrow River, one bank of which was used for the Ford of Bruinen where the Nazgûl attempted to capture Frodo and the One Ring.

Our guide, Chris, showed us a still from the film and asked, “How many Nazgûl were there?”. “Nine!”, we answered inconcert. Chris counted the figures in the picture and got to ““11, maybe 12”. Nine riders, apparently, did not look sufficiently impressive, so Peter Jackson added some more.

Not only that, but as Chris explained, the riders’ parts were played by a bunch of Kiwi girls from the local pony club.