People My Age

Some musical entertainment today from the excellent Pat Guadagno. This is from a concert in Bayonet Park, which is somewhere in New Jersey. The lyrics kind of… resonated.



The complete concert is available here.

Serendipity, Sex and Zevon

OK, I admit the title of this post is a little whimsical, but it’s not way off topic, and I like the alliteration.

I’m an Amazon Prime customer. When Amazon announced that free video streaming would be included to ward off some of the criticism of the forthcoming hike in the subscription, I wasn’t particularly bothered. In the UK the price has stayed the same for some time, and delivery is no-cost for Prime items, which is not the case for US customers who have to pay something. Also I don’t watch much video. But anyway, no extra cost is no extra cost, so I decided to browse.

I don’t remember how or why, but I stumbled upon Californication (Amazon UK). I’m not a David Duchovny fan; I know him from The X-Files, but I hardly ever watched that. I was hooked after was the first episode. It’s funny, absurd and sexy. Sometimes all three at the same time, such as the scene in Episode 1, when Hank (Duchovny’s character) gets punched in the face by a naked Mia when they’re in the middle of hot sex. Mia turns out to be the 16-year old daughter of Bill, who is the fiancé of Karen, Hank’s long-time ex-lover. (For the avoidance of doubt, it was Mia who seduced Hank; he was unaware of who, and how old, she was.)

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