Colosseum by Night

One of the other things we did our our recent visit to Rome was to visit the Colosseum. We booked a tour with Dark Rome; we used them last time we were in Rome and they were excellent. As they’ve expanded, the company now calls itself City Wonders and Dark Rome is just a brand under the City Wonders umbrella. We also used them in Venice; so we’ve enjoyed six outings with them. I can happily recommend them, if you are going to somewhere they operate.

We tried to book one of the extended tours, but these were all full as we left it rather late. So we ended up with the Colosseum Night Tour. This turned out to be a good thing as Rome was “enjoying” temperatures of 33–34°C during the day, which had moderated somewhat by the start of the tour at 19:00.

Here’s a selection of pictures.

You can see a few additional pictures in this album.

Borghese Gallery: Bits of Sculpture

Gia and I spent a few days in Rome recently. One of the excursions we took was a visit to the Borghese Gallery. Our guide was keen to show us some of the exquisite sculptures of Bernini—in his view, a much superior sculptor than Michelangelo. As is usually the case in these situations, it’s hard to get a view with too many people (like us), signs and barriers and often not very good lighting. I contented myself with taking some “detail shots”.


Truth Unveiled by Time
The Rape of Proserpina
Apollo and Daphne
Pauline Bonaparte as Venus Victrix
Aeneas, Anchises, and Ascanius

Photographic Notes

I decided to convert the photos to B&W as this gives a more consistent look and feel to the selection. As I am trialling Topaz Labs’ photo processing suite, I used their modules for B&W conversion and noise reduction. I was quite impressed with the results for noise reduction, just using some of the standard presets.

Snapseed Before And After Comparison

Snapseed from Nik Software has been named No. 1 iPad app for Photo and Video. Here are a few before and after comparisons. If you click on an image, a larger version will open in a new window — makes it easier to see the differences. These are JPGs straight from my camera (an Olympus E5) that I copied over to the iPad. I edited each image in Snapseed, saved the updated version to the Camera Roll. Both before and after images where uploaded to WordPress using Blogsy.