Land of The Free (6): Ave Maria University’s Strangle-Hold on Women Goes Way Beyond Suing Obamacare

Apparently Jeb Bush saw no problem with denying residents their civil liberties:

“Gov. Jeb Bush, at the university’s recent [2006] groundbreaking, lauded the development as a new kind of town, where faith and freedom will merge to create a community of like-minded citizens.”

Yes, a community of “like-minded citizens” whose rulers, like the Taliban, offer their residents no civil liberties not even the right to vote for local officials nor local laws.

via Ave Maria University’s Strangle-Hold on Women Goes Way Beyond Suing Obamacare.

A pretty scary story about Tom Monaghan (founder, but no longer owner of Domino’s Pizza) and plans for the town of Ave Maria. A report in the Daily Mail last year suggests things aren’t going too well with only 500 out of a planned 11,000 homes built since the town was officially founded in 2007. Apparently, that’s now risen to 560 giving a town population of 2,500. People appear not to be rushing to live somewhere where birth control is not available, there’s no voter control over town finances, where the owners have an über-Catholic agenda.

H/T to JT Eberhard who describes Monaghan as a “religious loon”.