Found What I’ve Been Looking For

This is a great song from an artist who I have only recently discovered.

Indiscriminate Act Of Kindness

Here’s a great song.

Shy Bird


Haven’t posted for a little while. Here’s a great song!

7 Years

This is a beautiful song that I discovered watching Britain’s Got Talent (I know, I know). There’s a twofer as the first video shows Lukas singing, and the second shows the lyrics, so you can sing along. Unfortunately, embedded play seems to be disabled for these videos, so when you click the links YouTube will open in a new tab.

Video of Lukas singing

Video with lyrics

Dancing Screenbean

An Elephant Comes To Call

Another safari post: it shows how close a bull elephant came to the Little Kwara camp.

This video does take a little while to download. Naturally, I think it’s worth the wait, otherwise I wouldn’t have posted it. 🙂

English Musical Nostalgia

Returning—as one does—to nostalgia: these videos take me back to my early teens and before.

Anthony Newley

Newley was hugely popular when I was a wee lad. One of my childhood memories is the sound of his voice—my mother was a big fan. I remember the soundtrack of Stop The World I Want To Get Off being frequently played. The first video (audio with a picture) is Newley singing Feelin’ Good,  which is one of the great songs (written by Newley with Leslie Bricusse). Do You Mind was a UK Number 1 in 1960.

Flanders & Swann

Michael Flanders and Donald Swann performed some wonderfully funny and clever comic songs and monologues/duologues in their shows At The Drop Of A Hat and At The Drop Of Another Hat. I might have supposed that F&S were completely passé, but clearly I would have been wrong as their Best of album is in the Amazon Top Ten for cabaret and comedy.

Galápagos Squid

I shot this video one evening from the balcony outside our stateroom. Monica, the senior naturalist on board the Celebrity Xpedition, said that this was squid.


The sound track is a Paganini Variation VIII played by Wen-Sing Yang.

This video was also my first attempt at using iMovie.