Wine and Food: Good Advice

 “Wine and food pairing is generally straightforward,” says Rajat. That is, the elementary rules work nearly all the time. Most important—more crucial than flavors or colors—is weight. A heavy dish will clobber a light wine, and likewise a light dish will be destroyed by a heavy wine. “But the old color codes—white wine with fish and red wine with meat—don’t always mean something today, because we have access to so many different kinds of wine,” explains Rajat. “We have light reds that are great with fish, and richer whites can pair with certain meats. The only color code that seems consistently valid is green. White wines with a touch of green in them—Albariños, Sancerres, some Greek whites—are usually good paired with green foods like salads and vegetables.”

Rajat Parr and Jordan Mackay Secrets of The Sommeliers p102



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