We’ll Have the Sake He’s Having

Masa’s sake is warm but not too hot, a balance of sweet and dry, giving me more of a heady high than traditional wine. I breathe in the fumes and take another sip. I pop some uni in my mouth and it’s bliss. Pure fucking bliss.

Road and Kingdoms

Food and Wine

I could probably sum up my approach to food & wine in fifty words, here goes. Acid likes fat (think vinegar on chips), tannin likes protein (red wine with steak), spice likes sweetness, cheese is generally better with something sweet and/or white than something dry and/or red, sweet foods need sweeter wines, and if your dish/wine wants to impress, the accompanying wine/dish shouldn’t be too assertive. Exactly fifty words, not bad Simon.

Pinched this from from Simon Woods’ email newsletter.

A Little Spot of Wine Tasting

We (that’s me, P&S and T) went to France the other week to visit my brother and mother. They live in Aquitaine (according to my brother, France is the other side of the Gironde) near some of the great wine appellations of the world. We decided to do a bit of wine-tasting while we were there.

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The HoseMaster’s Guide to Drinking Wine at Home

Many people who profess to love wine only drink it on special occasions, or in church. But the authentic wine lover sees wine as an ordinary part of every meal, like bread or salt or long, uncomfortable silences. The confident wine lover knows that regular consumption of wine makes you an expert much as regular bathing makes you a mermaid.

via HoseMaster of Wine™: The HoseMaster’s Guide to Drinking Wine at Home.

The HoseMaster’s Comprehensive Guide to Wine

And wood also breathes, though its breathing is rather labored because the barrels are smoky. Most of the barrels are made from French oak. The oak from France is preferable to, say, American oak because when it comes to nuance and flavor, as with everything else, France surrenders easily.

via HoseMaster of Wine™: The HoseMaster’s Comprehensive Guide to Wine 2.

I forgot to post this when the source article appeared—just found it in my drafts folder.

Wine In The Bath

Then I came across this image and, having got myself soaked in summer rain, decided that drinking wine in a nice hot bath was a thing that needed investigating.

Nice post from Sediment.


Opening A Bottle Of Red Wine

Oh, and then this: Opening a Bottle of Red Wine. Doesn’t sound like much, but it’s five minutes of a master sommelier called Ronan Sayburn opening and decanting a bottle of fine wine, perfectly. It’s such a joy to watch him and experience the pleasure of seeing something done really well…

via Sediment: YouTube Wine.

He’s right.


Wine Tasting Idiots

My attention was drawn recently to the article Are Wine Tasters Idiots?, reprised from 2013 on Jancis Robinson’s website. The first part of the article lists several examples of the alleged idiocy: cheap wines being preferred over expensive ones, experts describing the same white wine differently simply because the wine in one glass was dyed red, inconsistent assessments of the same wine by different panels, and so on. (There’s more detail in the referenced article from The Observer.)

The author, Alex Hunt MW, then continues with, it seems to me, a slightly injured tone:

What I find so strange is the underlying assumption that wine criticism should be a scientific, repeatable process. I have not seen the same sort of expectations applied to art, film or music critics. Wine experts, it feels, are far more likely to be demonised as the ‘other’, when in fact we have far more rigorous tests of identification and knowledge. The type of tasting exams many of us have passed are, I submit, unflukeable.

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HoseMaster of Wine™: The HoseMaster’s Comprehensive Guide to Wine 6

For example, a wine lover might say, “This Chinon certainly shows fabulous terroir.” Now that you have the insider information, you know that he’s just remarked, “This Chinon certainly shows I have no fucking idea what I’m talking about.”

via HoseMaster of Wine™: The HoseMasters Comprehensive Guide to Wine 6.

I just love this guy!

Lo Hai Qu Starts Her Wine Club!

… last time we got some Spanish white wine–first of all, who wants Spanish white wine, man, that’s like Mississippi vodka or something, you just know when you put it in your mouth you’re gonna start playing some albino banjo, and bad enough it’s Spanish white, it’s from some weird grape called Hondarribi, which my Dad used to drive a beat-up 1989 one,…

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