Photo Painting (5): Some More Apps

Deco Sketch

This app is different from most of the others that I’ve looked at as it allows the user to work with a blank canvas or an image from Photos. The emphasis is on the use of geometric shapes to transform your image, or to create art from scratch. At this point, I should remark that I don’t think I’m going to do this app justice because I’m not really interested in drawing on a blank canvas, though I did produce this half-assed homage to Mondrian. For the rest of this commentary, I’m going to focus on how Deco Sketch post-processes a photo.

There is a lot of complexity within Deco Sketch. The starting point is choosing a brush. There are many choices, but if you’re aiming to produce something that is recognisable as your image, the options are much fewer. The simplest settings give a mosaic effect with square or circles. Here’s an example with various sizes of square, circle and hexagon, and another with tiny squares.

There are a bunch of settings to change the brush effect: spacing, grid snapping sides (3-10), opacity, size, angle, stroke width and also effects that change some of these parameters across to draw speed. You can also vary the opacity of the underlying image, which may show (depending on what has been done) in the output unless photo opacity is set to zero.

I found a couple of issues, though the first is more of a 101 newbie mistake: the sides of the images are hidden when the controls are displayed. Images are not, as I expected, resided to fit the remaining window. I failed to notice this until I had processed several pictures and was reviewing the results in Photos. The second problem was crashes. Deco Sketch just bombed to the desk top every now and then. Not often enough to raise aggravation to where I wanted to delete the app, but  more than just infrequently.

All things considered, Deco Sketch is a pretty decent app, which may suit some people’s needs, but again I don’t expect to use it much.

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