Daring Fireball: The iPhones 7

Five days with the new iPhone 7 (in jet black) and iPhone 7 Plus (in black).

Source: Daring Fireball: The iPhones 7

Good stuff from John Gruber. I’m definitely upgrading my iPhone 6 to a 7+. I just have to wait until the end of my vacation.

Hey Siri

How far away is the moon?

Source: Hey Siri

If you’re wondering what to say to your phone…

The U.S. has Gone F&*%ing Mad

This is about an overblown national security apparatus — one that has regularly played Snakes and Ladders with the Constitution, jeopardized all of the most important technology companies in America, spied on its own Government, lied about it all, and really only exists to protect us from something that kills about as many Americans each year as sharks — that is now throwing its toys out of the cot.

Source: The U.S. has Gone F&*%ing Mad — Medium

F&*%ing spot on.

Airtable Scenario: Airtable and the iPhone

)Other posts in this series about the web-based and iOS-enabled database, Airtable, can be found here.
Phone Screenbean

Airtable is a universal app that runs equally well on an iPad and an iPhone. In this post, I’m going to look at using the app on an iPhone. [Read more…]

How to get the best out of photo apps on your smartphone

Dan Rubin’s 10 best smartphone photography apps

via How to get the best out of photo apps on your smartphone – video | Technology | theguardian.com.

Interesting video for iPhoneographers.


Fort Médoc

My brother lives in the Médoc region of France. I’ve just been to visit for a long weekend with my friend, Tim, who was my best man too many years ago. The weather has been as miserable there as at home, but the sun came out on Sunday, so we took a little cultural jaunt to visit Fort Médoc.

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IOS Automation: A Beginner’s Story

I have had the Drafts app on my iPad for some time, but haven’t used it a great deal. Recently, I decide to see how I could make more use of its capabilities.

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Automating iOS: A Comprehensive Guide to URL Schemes and Drafts Actions

Automating iOS: A Comprehensive Guide to URL Schemes and Drafts Actions – MacStories.

A really excellent explanation of how to build actions to work with Drafts and other apps that understand URL Schemes.

Update: Should have given credit to Paul Dutka who emailed me the link to this article.

Popsicolor Postcard Update

In my last post about photo painting, I mentioned that I’d sent myself a postcard using Popsicolor’s integration with Sincerely. That postcard has now arrived. I placed the order and received an acknowledgement email on 21 October; on 23 October, I received a despatch notification; the card arrived on 28 October. It is a standard-sized postcard with what looks like a medium-glossy finish. It’s a good quality print and looks very attractive. My wife saw the card propped on a shelf and commented on its quality without knowing it was an image I had created.

The cost for this one-off postcard was USD 2.99, which I don’t think is wildly expensive. It’s possible to buy credits that reduce the cost: 249 bucks gets a price of just under USD 1.70 for an international card. The cheapest bundle is USD 9.90 and gives a unit price of USD 1.98. “Domestic”, by which I assume they mean US, costs half as much.

I think I will be using the service again.

Popsicolor - 33

Photo Painting (5): Some More Apps

I’ve been continuing my search for good and fun photo painting apps. Today’s post looks at four more.


Painteresque works like many of the photo painting apps: choose an image from the camera roll/albums or take a picture and then apply a style. There are eight choices (Painteresque 1 and 2, Lithograph, Coloured Pencil, Charcoal, Rainbow, Mars and Portrait) plus “do nothing” that allows you to see the original photo. The results that this app produces are pleasing, but they don’t really turn your pictures into an oil painting or watercolour, or… The effects, as you can see from the examples, are more like a filter effect. The progress messages made me chuckle, “Narrying the Wembits” and “Magic Scrooberizing”.

There are controls that allow fine-tuning on quite a number of parameters; some producing weird results, but the effect is still that of a filter. And perhaps, that’s the main problem with this app: the name does not match the product. Still, as I’ve said, the final pictures are attractive, though I suspect (but could be wrong) there are many “filter apps” that produce similar output.

A nice feature of Painteresque is that should you happen upon a combination of these settings that pleases you, it’s possible to save these as a preset.

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