Pigeons on the Balcony

I have been getting my camera gear organised for our next trip. When I checked the memory card, I found a few photos that I’d forgotten about. For some reason, in the last two or three years a pigeon couple have been trying to nest in the corner of our balcony. We have found twigs made into very basic nests and, on occasion, an egg. Up until this year, nothing came of any of the eggs because we would scare the pigeons away. However, this year we were away from the middle of February to the beginning of April, so they were able to nest without interruption. We didn’t notice until a few days after we came home, when the window cleaner found them.

I took a few pictures now and then, but not too many. We didn’t want the pigeons, but we were too soft and let them be.

The new pigeons left the nest and we cleared “everything” up, but still had to deal with ma and pa trying for round two. So we now have netting.

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