Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ ISIS

Why Evolution Is True

In today’s Jesus and Mo, Mo tries to exculpate his religion as being responsible for ISIS. And the inspiration for the strip was sent by the author in his/her email:

Tom Holland’s article in the New Statesman is the inspiration for today’s strip.

2015-07-08In truth, I’m not sure the videos have damaged ISIS’s cause. Perhaps their barbarity have in fact inspired youths to join the movement in hopes of killing infidels. Who knows? At any rate, what can’t be denied—at least by those who aren’t osculating the rump of faith—is the Islamic inspiration for much of ISIS’s actions and agendas. That’s the subject of Holland’s article, which you should read. One excerpt:

Salafism today is probably the fastest-growing Islamic movement in the world. The interpretation that Isis applies to Muslim scripture may be exceptional for its savagery – but not for its literalism. Islamic State, in its conceit that…

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