The European Convention on Human Rights

Great stuff, courtesy of The Guardian.

Leave/Remain: the facts behind the claims

Full Fact and the UK in a Changing Europe initiative have produced a report on the claims made by both sides of the EU referendum debate. We’ve covered topics including the UK’s EU membership fee, immigration, economics costs and benefits and borders.

It’s an instructive little report that can be downloaded from this page.

Disbelief in Belief

Hard though it may be for the godless to accept, some people really do believe in the imminent End Times and the 72 virgins awaiting them in paradise. We ignore the reality of such sincere convictions at our own peril. The terrorists of IS are neither mad nor brainwashed. Their brains have been infected by a number of dangerous supernatural delusions, with deep roots in the Quran and in monotheistic tradition.

Maarten Boudry

Fucking scary stuff.

The UK-EU Agreement

The UK has a special status in the EU. It is a full member of the Single Market but will not join the single currency or participate in the Schengen open border arrangement. The UK’s new settlement has secured this status with important reforms to economic governance, competitiveness, sovereignty, and welfare and free movement. [Read more…]

Debating Feminism

Another winner!