EU referendum: five questions to answer before you vote

Obviously the wilful half-truths, wild extrapolations and baseless assurances both sides have been peddling have not helped. Here are five key questions, on five fundamental issues, worth considering before polling day.

Source: EU referendum: five questions to answer before you vote | Politics | The Guardian

Two fingers to the world: is that your message, Brexiteers?

The European Union is an extraordinary creation in which countries that believe in pluralism, democracy, welfare economics and the rule of law gain extra leverage in the pursuit of their national interests by sharing sovereignty. So what is Brexit’s message to the world: two fingers? Or maybe as Ferdinand Mount, the former head of Thatcher’s policy unit, says, we’ll catch the Brexiteers belting out that Millwall chant, “No one likes us, we don’t care.” Like the football team, they’ll sing it all the way to the third division.

Source: Two fingers to the world: is that your message, Brexiteers? | Chris Patten | Opinion | The Guardian

Divided we fall 

Over the years this newspaper has found much to criticise in the EU. It is an imperfect, at times maddening club. But it is far better than the alternative. We believe that leaving would be a terrible error. It would weaken Europe and it would impoverish and diminish Britain. Our vote goes to Remain.

Source: Divided we fall | The Economist

Hannan Ten Bombshells? Or Not!

The Daily Mail continues to publish lies and misrepresentations about the UK’s membership of the EU. A misguided Brexiter friend of mine posted a link to this article on Facebook. I took a closer look.

1. Banning hair-dryers

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The UK-EU Agreement

The UK has a special status in the EU. It is a full member of the Single Market but will not join the single currency or participate in the Schengen open border arrangement. The UK’s new settlement has secured this status with important reforms to economic governance, competitiveness, sovereignty, and welfare and free movement. [Read more…]