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One of the problems with democracy, is that the average voter knows relatively little about the complex and nuanced realities of the economy and the wider world.  The precarious balancing act of fiscal policy, domestic spending, diplomacy, taxation, trade and more, is like trying to blow a ball of jelly up a hill using trained ferrets with hairdryers strapped to their backs.

Fanciful concepts like closing borders, halving tax rates or disbanding government departments, can sound attractive when considered in isolation, but when understood from a wider position you realise that everything is linked and has a knock on effect.  If every decision in this country went to a referendum, we would be bankrupt in a few years and before long degenerate into a failed, lawless state.  Ok, so that is a slight exaggeration.

There exists a safety net.  All of the main parties are relatively sensible, although they can  wildly…

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