Philip Hammond, the designated adult among the children

Mr Hammond is a grown-up in a political playpen that is stuffed with children. The chief claimant to the throne, Boris Johnson, is the most childish of all. Bumptious and bungling, he wants to grab the shiniest prize for himself for no other reason than that it is shiny. Other claimants also have problems with maturity. David Davis, the Brexit secretary, is a vainglorious contrarian who has spent much of his career on the backbenches and who habitually underestimates the damage a bad Brexit might cause. Amber Rudd is a neophyte. Ruth Davidson, the woman who single-handedly revived Scottish Toryism, doesn’t have a Westminster seat. On the other side, Mr Corbyn is an extreme case of arrested development. He is a man-child leading an army of disgruntled youths, a professional protester who has reached his late 60s without ever having to make adult decisions about allocating limited resources, let alone creating them in the first place.

Source: Philip Hammond, the designated adult among the children


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