Arron Banks aside, worry about dark money’s effect on our democracy

And yes: I know that 17.4 million people voted leave. But 16.1 million voted remain, too. When the margin of victory is that slender, little things mean a lot. And the Banks criminal investigation is more than a little thing. Indeed, we long ago reached the critical mass of evidence where a political class of any statesmanship would have had the courage to suspend the Brexit process and establish beyond question that the original 2016 campaign was conducted fairly. This is no time for bovine paralysis or foot-shuffling timidity. If the satnav is leading you off a cliff, and you think it might have been tampered with, is it really an act of treachery to apply the brakes?

Source: Arron Banks aside, worry about dark money’s effect on our democracy | Matthew d’Ancona

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