Food and Wine

I could probably sum up my approach to food & wine in fifty words, here goes. Acid likes fat (think vinegar on chips), tannin likes protein (red wine with steak), spice likes sweetness, cheese is generally better with something sweet and/or white than something dry and/or red, sweet foods need sweeter wines, and if your dish/wine wants to impress, the accompanying wine/dish shouldn’t be too assertive. Exactly fifty words, not bad Simon.

Pinched this from from Simon Woods’ email newsletter.

Simon Says

A little while ago, I reviewed The World’s Shortest Wine Book by Simon Woods. After I’d bought the book, I signed up for Simon’s Twenty-Five Lessons From Twenty-Five Years In Wine. This came by email in five instalments.

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The World’s Shortest Wine Book: A Review

The full title of the book is The World’s Shortest Wine Book: 21 Ways To Get More Out Of A Bottle Of Wine. So it might be a contender for the longest title for a (short) book as well. It’s written by Simon Woods who’s been writing about wine for a good few years. For reasons that I haven’t fathomed, there’s a sequel, The World’s Shortest Wine Book: The Missing Chapters, which is available for download from a link you’ll find in the e-book.

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