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Let’s Be Honest: 10 Questions Every Christian Needs To Answer

Skepticism is healthy. Any philosophy worth believing is worth questioning. These are 10 questions I have for believers to get them to see if their faith is valid and worth keeping. Chances are, you have some questions of your own that you would like those of a religious mindset to ponder as well.

Source: Let’s Be Honest: 10 Questions Every Christian Needs To Answer • The Thinker

RELIGIOUS INDOCTRINATION: “I Came Into This Life With No Baggage” ☮

We Are All Atheists! Some Of Us Are More Consistent Than Others

Christian, you are already an atheist, a narrow atheist, who rejects all of the same religions I do for the same reasons I do, except for yours. I simply reject them all, as a wide atheist, for the same reasons you reject all of them but yours.

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A short post and to the point.

Bill Maher, American hero: Laughing at religion

Put another way, in a truly civil society the right to free expression trumps the desire of religious folks not to have their feelings hurt.  The “offense” argument is, therefore, no argument at all; it is tantamount to a selfish, adolescent insistence on conformity, nothing more.  The “offended” just have to grin and bear it.  We left high school long ago.  It’s time to grow up.

Bill Maher, American hero: Laughing at religion is exactly what the world needs –

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Ask Chuck!

Fans of the comedy, The Big Bang Theory, will probably know that producer Chuck Lorre includes a vanity card during the credits at the end of every episode. They’re usually too long to read without pausing the video; sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. This time I did. It make me smile and, considering my current interest in atheism and religion, was a little piece of serendipity. [Read more…]

Christian Statistical Loony Tunes

I was bouncing around the Interweb today clicking on links that suggested something interesting or entertaining. I came across The Null Hypothesis Project written by Jonathon Hold (Professor of Apologetics, Iowa University of Religion).

Espousing the view that teaching is a “most sacred responsibility”, Professor H writes:

At the risk of getting terribly technical here, I’d like to help lay folks understand how atheist scientists think and explain how to defeat their odd arguments. One big error atheist scientists make is trying to worship the “null hypothesis.”

His definition leaves a bit to be desired:

You state something is not true, then nullify that incorrect statement. It is called rejecting the null hypothesis.

The good professor calls this crazy thinking. He’s not wrong.

The big finish comes as the professor demonstrates how to defeat atheists’ anti-Christian arguments with specific examples:

  • Null hypothesis: Jesus did not exist. This is rejected because the Bible said he did.
  • Null Hypothesis: Jesus did not die for our sins. This is rejected because the Bible said he did… Twice.
  • Null Hypothesis: Homosexuality is not an abomination. This too is rejected because… Yes, you guessed it. The Bible says it is.

My null hypothesis: Professor Jonathon Hold doesn’t have a fucking clue… … Nope… Can’t reject that.

The Atheist Atrocities Fallacy – Hitler, Stalin & Pol Pot

Michael A. Sherlock (Author)

The A F

In Memory of Christopher Hitchens

Religious apologists, particularly those of the Christian variety, are big fans of what I have dubbed, the atheist atrocities fallacy. Christians commonly employ this fallacy to shield their egos from the harsh reality of the brutality of their own religion, by utilizing a most absurd form of the tu quoque (“you too”) fallacy, mingled with numerous other logical fallacies and historical inaccuracies.  Despite the fact that theatheist atrocities fallacy has already been thoroughly exposed by Hitchens and other great thinkers, it continues to circulate amongst the desperate believers of a religion in its death throes.  Should an atheist present a believer with the crimes committed by the Holy See of the Inquisition(s), the Crusaders and other faith-wielding misanthropes, they will often hear the reply; “Well, what about Stalin, Pol Pot and Hitler? They were atheists, and they killed millions!”

Given the obstinate nature of religious…

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Jibbers Crabst

Very funny take on belief in a god.

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Half Of Brits Say Religion Does More Harm Than Good

Most people understand that morality and good personal and social values are not tied to religious belief systems, but are the result of our common heritage and experience as human beings: social animals that care for each other and are kind to others because we understand that they are human too.

Half Of Brits Say Religion Does More Harm Than Good, And Atheists Can Be Just As Moral.