Should I Respect Your Beliefs?

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There is not a religion on earth I respect and there’s one simple reason: I value the truth. Centering your life and your core values around something for which there is no evidence is dangerous. Once you accept one idea on faith, you’ve set your standard of evidence extremely low. You can then be led to believe other ideas for which there exists no empirical, demonstrable evidence. As such, these beliefs make it easy to inspire murder, child abuse, science and medicine denial, wars, genocides, discrimination and the stripping of human rights. Stubborn belief in that which cannot be proven is the very last thing that deserves respect.

I reserve my respect for that which does deserve it. That which upholds the value of human life; that which values individual rights. I save my respect for people, for this planet, and all the creatures on it, including you, but I will not give it to your unfounded beliefs. The very fact that you feel the need to demand respect for your beliefs from strangers on the internet is perhaps a sign they are not worthy of respect at all.

Archbishop admits forcing PM to drop crackdown on illegal schools

The Archbishop of Canterbury has admitted to personally lobbying former Prime Minister David Cameron to drop proposals aimed at tackling illegal, extremist religious schools and safeguarding the children with them. …

Source: Archbishop admits forcing PM to drop crackdown on illegal schools

Once again leaders of organised religion show they consider themselves first.

We Are All Atheists! Some Of Us Are More Consistent Than Others

Christian, you are already an atheist, a narrow atheist, who rejects all of the same religions I do for the same reasons I do, except for yours. I simply reject them all, as a wide atheist, for the same reasons you reject all of them but yours.

via Debunking Christianity: We Are All Atheists! Some Of Us Are More Consistent Than Others.

A short post and to the point.

Vatican calls Irish referendum a ‘defeat for humanity’

“I believe that we are talking here not just about a defeat for Christian principles but also about a defeat for humanity,” Cardinal Parolin told reporters

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This is the attitude rejected by 62% of the Irish voters. Well done them.

Bill Maher, American hero: Laughing at religion

Put another way, in a truly civil society the right to free expression trumps the desire of religious folks not to have their feelings hurt.  The “offense” argument is, therefore, no argument at all; it is tantamount to a selfish, adolescent insistence on conformity, nothing more.  The “offended” just have to grin and bear it.  We left high school long ago.  It’s time to grow up.

Bill Maher, American hero: Laughing at religion is exactly what the world needs –

⭐️ Another great article by Tayler.


Book Review: Why I Am Not A Christian

Dr Richard Carrier wrote Why I Am Not A Christian because he was sponsored to set out his reasons for not being one.

Discussing our experiences, we realized we’d both encountered many Christians like this, who color their entire perception of reality with the assumption that they have to be right, and therefore the evidence must somehow fit.

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The Reason Stick: The Venn Diagram of Irrational Nonsense

A blunt, shit-stained instrument wielded indiscriminately to bludgeon pseudoscience, superstition, blind faith and common or garden irrational bollocks.

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H/T to AB for bringing this to my attention. Do visit the original site as there’s more fun.


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My colleague is forced to go to Mass by the UK courts | A Tippling Philosopher

My colleague is forced to go to Mass by the UK courts | A Tippling Philosopher.


Christian Humanism: comments on a report

A blog post by Stephen Law appeared in my news feed this morning: Humanists Should be Christians, argues new Theos report. He discusses a recent report from Theos, a religious thinktank: The Case for Christian Humanism: Why Christians should believe in humanism, and humanists in Christianity.

Stephen’s post addresses the three central arguments of the report:

  • Argument 1: Belief in Human Dignity Requires Christianity
  • Argument 2: objective morality requires theism
  • Argument 3: Reason Requires God

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Jibbers Crabst

Very funny take on belief in a god.

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