Mini Metro Mini Review

I have found another way to waste pass time on my devices: Mini Metro. It was included in the App Store Best of 2016 and won a bunch of other awards. The principle of the game is simple: you are responsible for building a metro/underground/subway network in a major city. Mini Metro comes with 15 different cities. London, Paris, New York, and Berlin are unlocked. You gain access to other cities by achieving a passenger-carrying goal in some other city, for example, move 500 passengers on the Berlin network and Melbourne opens up. The maps reflect the layout of the water features of the city.

Game screenshot

London Underground typical starting position

You start with the ability to build three different lines indicated by the coloured dots to the right. You have assets of three engines and the capability to create three tunnels. Stations appear on the map; initially, they are indicated by squares, circles, and triangles, but different shapes appear as the game progresses. To construct a line, just touch a station symbol and drag to the next station.

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Threes!: The Best Single Swipe Puzzle Game on iOS

Threes!: The Best Single Swipe Puzzle Game on iOS – App Reviews by Geeks With Juniors – Geeks With Juniors.

Since I haven’t played every single swipe game on iOS, I can’t confirm Eric Pramono’s judgement, but I do agree with him that it’s a damn good game. If you haven’t yet played the game, you should. Eric’s suggestion for strategy is pretty sensible—slightly out-of-date because the latest version of the game does give an indication that the next tile will be higher than 3, but that doesn’t affect the advice significantly.

Currently, my high score is 29,142, which apparently means I’m 2,369th of 497,184 players.

Why it took a year to make, and then break down, an amazing puzzle game

Why it took a year to make, and then break down, an amazing puzzle game | Polygon.

This game is keeping me awake at night.