Review: Adult Colouring App

Colouring apps for adults seem to be increasingly popular. I decided to have a look around and see whether I’d have fun with one. Most of the apps that I looked at offer a free version with in app purchases required to unlock additional facilities. Some such as Pigment and Colorfy are subscription-based. But I thought £3 a week forever for something I wanted as an occasional diversion and not an obsession was over the top. I decided to go with Adult Colouring. The name is unfortunate as it suggests something naughty, which, of course, is not the case.

I installed Adult Colouring on my 12″ iPad Pro and worked with the Apple Pencil. I played around with the free version and decided that the price to unlock the full version was fair. [Read more…]

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A very long time ago I used to earn a living writing database applications on PCs. One early project for a fleet transport system was won over competition from KPMG. I remember being pretty chuffed about that at the time. So I’ve always had a soft spot for database software. I first saw Airtable mentioned in a post by Federico Viticci on MacStories. When the iPad app version appeared, I decided to give it a try.

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iThoughts updated for extra awesome (and iOS 7)

I’ve recommended iThoughts before. It is really an excellent mind mapping tool. There’s a new universal version out. It’s a paid upgrade, but 80% off for the time being. It’s a shame that Apple doesn’t have a mechanism for developers to charge an upgrade fee as sometimes customers will be pissed off because they’ve just bought the previous version.

I’ve no hesitation is recommending that you support the developer, Craig Scott. iThoughts is definitely worth the money, even if you pay twice.

Here’s what Brett Terpstra has to say about the new version, for which he was a beta tester.

iThoughts updated for extra awesome (and iOS 7) –

Threes!: The Best Single Swipe Puzzle Game on iOS

Threes!: The Best Single Swipe Puzzle Game on iOS – App Reviews by Geeks With Juniors – Geeks With Juniors.

Since I haven’t played every single swipe game on iOS, I can’t confirm Eric Pramono’s judgement, but I do agree with him that it’s a damn good game. If you haven’t yet played the game, you should. Eric’s suggestion for strategy is pretty sensible—slightly out-of-date because the latest version of the game does give an indication that the next tile will be higher than 3, but that doesn’t affect the advice significantly.

Currently, my high score is 29,142, which apparently means I’m 2,369th of 497,184 players.

Why it took a year to make, and then break down, an amazing puzzle game

Why it took a year to make, and then break down, an amazing puzzle game | Polygon.

This game is keeping me awake at night.

IOS Automation: A Beginner’s Story

I have had the Drafts app on my iPad for some time, but haven’t used it a great deal. Recently, I decide to see how I could make more use of its capabilities.

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Apps, Apps, Apps

I admit I’m a bit of an app magpie. I must have hundreds loaded in iTunes—though, by no means, are they all installed on my iPhone or iPads. Many are free and have hardly been used—lots of games fall into this category. They’re free, what the hell? Usually, they engage my interest only fleetingly, if at all. But I can’t bring myself to delete any apps because… you never know…

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A Quick iOS Keyboard Trick

Unapologetic: A Quick iOS Keyboard Trick.

What many people (myself included for the first three years in which I used an iPad for almost all of my typing) don’t realize is that if you tap on that key and then quickly swipe upwards it will immediately insert an apostrophe. Tapping and holding to reveal deeper functionality within the main keyboard keys is no secret, but what makes this key special is that there is no need to hold. As quickly as you can tap and swipe upwards and let go of the “,!” key is as quickly as it will place the apostrophe. This is significantly quicker than any other method of inserting an apostrophe, even using the apostrophes located on custom keyboards in apps like Drafts or Editorial. The exact same functionality works on the “.?” key, but inserts a quotation mark instead of an apostrophe.

I’ve experimented further and it appears the touch and swipe up will work any key on the keyboard that has one extra character definition like the apostrophe and quote that Alex mentions. (If you touch and hold a key, you’ll see what other characters are defined, e, for instance, has 7 with the various diacritical characters that can be stuck on). The period on the numeric keyboard produces an ellipsis when you touch and swipe. The w gives ŵ. The number ? puts out ¿. There are a few others.

I think what is happening that the iPad doesn’t need to wait for you to make a choice on the alternative character, but reacts to the swipe and outputs the alternate. Of course, you’re probably not going to remember all the alternates—but I do like to use the ellipsis.

There’s obviously some deeper meaning behind this operation… because I also discovered that the apostrophe on the number keyboard has three alternate characters (left and right single quotation marks, and what looks like a grave accent). Whatever character is chosen when this key is touched, the keyboard immediately returns to the letters, which doesn’t happen on any other key.

Automating iOS: A Comprehensive Guide to URL Schemes and Drafts Actions

Automating iOS: A Comprehensive Guide to URL Schemes and Drafts Actions – MacStories.

A really excellent explanation of how to build actions to work with Drafts and other apps that understand URL Schemes.

Update: Should have given credit to Paul Dutka who emailed me the link to this article.