How you can turn a lie into a truth (according to the sinister Brexit playbook)

What Kahneman and other researchers have empirically confirmed in their work is that the majority of people are ‘System One’ or ‘quick’ thinkers in that they make decisions on impulse, feeling, emotion, and first impressions, rather than ‘System Two’ or ‘slow’ thinkers who seek information, analyse it, and weigh arguments in order to come to decisions. System One thinkers can be captured by slogans, statements dramatised to the point of falsehood, and even downright lies, because they will not check the validity of what is said, but instead will mistrust System Two thinkers whose lengthier arguments and appeals to data are often regarded as efforts to bamboozle and mislead.

Source: How you can turn a lie into a truth (according to the sinister Brexit playbook) – Top Stories – The New European

I sure that not everyone who voted leave is a System One thinker, but I guess these are the ones who keep claiming that they’re not stupid, but can’t provide any explanation for their decision based on evidence and reason.