30 Years of the Mac

At the risk of coming off like a fanboi, I’m recommending you take a look at the Apple pages celebrating 30 Years of the Mac. They have put together a beautiful presentation. Each year features a story about someone who worked with some flavour of Mac: like John Knoll who developed Adobe Photoshop with his brother Thomas (1989); electronica musician Moby (1999); and architect Jürgen Mayer H who designed the Metropol Parasol in Seville (2005).

Even if you have no particular interest in things Apple, the photos are great and the stories fascinating snippets from the history of personal computing.

If you have owned a Mac, you can add your data about how you used Your First Mac.

Photo Painting (4): More Haikus

While continuing my exploration of Haiku HD, I discovered that the developer, Jixipix Software, has a version for Mac OS X for £5.49. I got my copy from the Mac App Store, but there’s a Windows version available from the Jixipix site. As far as I can tell the desktop Haiku is almost identical to the iPad version: there is an additional adjustment, Colour Vibrancy, and images have to be dragged into the working area and selected using Finder. I load all my processed images in JPEG format into iPhoto. I found I can browse in iPhoto, and choose to reveal a selected image in Finder, which I could then drag into Haiku.

The extra space of my iMac made it easier to do some testing; so I’ve created a few samples to illustrate the possibilities of the app. It’s, by no means, exhaustive, but it does give a flavour of the output options.

Haiku Adjustments

Haiku Adjustments

  • Colour Style: specifies where the watercolour appears on the image
  • Strength: changes the opacity of the watercolour effect
  • Wet Edges: changes the size of the outline around the water-colour effect
  • Paint Fill:changes how much of the image is covered by the watercolour effect
  • Paint Variation: changes how the paint looks in the selected area
  • Ink Outlines: changes the outline of objects in the image
  • Ink Outline Detail: changes the level of detail
  • Ink Fill: increases ink amount in darker areas of the image
  • Ink Colour: changes the colour for ink outline, detail and fill (has input from pointer and RGB values)
  • Colour Vibrancy: enriches the watercolour pigment
  • Paper and Borders (not shown): choice of background (42) and borders (14)

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