If Not Rationale, What?

I have written several posts about Rationale argument mapping software. In the last post, I complained about:

Bloody Instant Zooming
This is where the zooming behaviour of Rationale maps became a real PITA. Zooming is activated by a two-finger drag on either my magic Mouse or my trackpad. Normally, in Safari two-fingered dragging scrolls the web page up or down, and zooming is activated using a pinch gesture. It is very, very, very easy to inadvertently zoom in or out when you are trying to navigate a map. The problem is exacerbated because the map very quickly zooms to be either too small or too large.

In a fit of pique, I wondered whether I could apply the same process using different software. I immediately thought of iThoughts from Toketaware. This is a really excellent program available for both OSX and IOS. iThoughts is a mind mapping program. Argument mapping can be considered as a sub-topic within mind mapping, so the choice was pretty obvious.

(NOTE: that in the last day or so, Rationale’s zooming behaviour has been modified. A two-fingered drag now produces vertical scrolling; shift-drag scrolls the map horizontally. This gives a much better user experience.)

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iThoughts updated for extra awesome (and iOS 7)

I’ve recommended iThoughts before. It is really an excellent mind mapping tool. There’s a new universal version out. It’s a paid upgrade, but 80% off for the time being. It’s a shame that Apple doesn’t have a mechanism for developers to charge an upgrade fee as sometimes customers will be pissed off because they’ve just bought the previous version.

I’ve no hesitation is recommending that you support the developer, Craig Scott. iThoughts is definitely worth the money, even if you pay twice.

Here’s what Brett Terpstra has to say about the new version, for which he was a beta tester.

iThoughts updated for extra awesome (and iOS 7) – BrettTerpstra.com.