Five Things You Should Stop Doing in 2012

Five Things You Should Stop Doing in 2012 – Dorie Clark – Harvard Business Review.

This kind of **** is no better than spam

iPad 3 Definitely coming in the Spring –

I spotted this headline while browsing Zite, which has become one of my main newsreaders. As an iPad fan, I naturally clicked the link to read the entire article, which turns out to be BS and got me sufficiently aggravated to write this post.

Is the any shadow of doubt in the headline? Any whisper of of uncertainty? A hint of scepticism? The merest trace of disbelief? No, there frickin’ well isn’t!

So what do you get when you read this prognostication?

  • “The iPad 3 is still an unconfirmed device…”
  • “…very little is known about it”
  • “…sources indicate…”
  • “The so-called inside source has not been identified…”
  • “…the reports indicate that it is a trustworthy source.”
  • “No word when Apple will actually announce anything…”

And finishes will the earth-shattering “it [an announcement] will likely be after the holiday season”.  Useless drivel all the way!

iTunes Match: the shade of Steve Jobs will be steaming

The introduction of iTunes Match seems like an even bigger cock-up than the introduction of MobileMe – in the UK, at least, which is all I can talk about.

I’ve been an iTunes user for a long time – probably since near the beginning of iTunes on Windows. I was seduced by the iPod and further motivated by running out of storage space for my collection of CDs, which must have been around 1,000-strong by that time. Not a huge collection by some standards, but taking up too much square footage on my office wall. So I ripped ’em and became a slave to the instant gratification of the Buy button.

Match seemed like a no brainer: all music available everywhere, 256 Kbps DRM-free versions and an effective back-up in the cloud. And to be fair, all these things may prove to be true. But three days in, I’m still trying to get my iTunes library matched and sync’d.

After two or three betas, the nightmare of getting everything set up seems incredible. I would have expected Apple to have resolved most of the shit by now. Signing up was bad; it took several attempts to complete the process. Having done that, signing on to iTunes was screwed for, maybe, 15 or 18 hours, because valid user IDs and passwords were rejected. The popular theory was that the Apple’s servers were blitzed. This was a cause of major panic until I realised it wasn’t just me.

Having got past the first hurdle, there are three further steps for iTunes Match: collect information about the library, match tracks against the iTunes catalogue, upload any tracks that couldn’t be matched. The fun really begins here: I have lost count of how many times iTunes has hung during the first two steps. And it is not just iTunes, but the entire machine that locks, requiring a power off-on cycle. This is more of a pain than usual because it’s necessary to watch the restart and catch iTunes to either stop the current step or force-quit the application; otherwise the current Match step would continue and almost immediately the app would hang again.

Of course, every restart of Match begins again at the beginning. And with over 18,000 items to process, this takes a while. Checking on the Apple user forums, I discover that Match tags some tracks with “error” as the iCloud status. It is these errors that cause the hangs. The workaround is to delete and trash the tracks from the catalogue. The deleted tracks can be recovered from trash; so in theory, nothing is lost – but I have yet to confirm that these tracks can be safely reintroduced.

This is major pain, made even worse because not all errors are identified on the first pass. Multiple iterations of steps 1-2-hang-restart-interrupt-delete tracks-recover from trash-start Match are needed. Eventually, I get to the point where Step 3 starts to upload unmatched tracks. But this doesn’t mean an end to the grief because the upload process – some 5,000 tracks to go – hangs as well before more than a few percent have been processed. I’ve now got the stage of of stopping the upload after 200ish tracks, so I can quit iTunes correctly to “bank” the work. I’m still going through this loop with 2,300 tracks remaining.

It’s reported that Steve Jobs was incandescent with rage after the initial embarrassment of MobileMe. Frankly, this seems an even bigger fiasco. I hope it’s not indicative of complacency from Apple.

If you haven’t yet signed up for iTunes Match, my advice is to wait: first, to let the immediate rush pass and secondly, hopefully Apple will make some improvements. In the meantime, here are three links that I have found helpful in addition to the Apple user forums.

Bugs & Fixes: Three essential iTunes Match troubleshooting tips

iTunes Match: What You Need To Know

How to upgrade tracks to iTunes Match, fast



Snapseed Before And After Comparison

Snapseed from Nik Software has been named No. 1 iPad app for Photo and Video. Here are a few before and after comparisons. If you click on an image, a larger version will open in a new window — makes it easier to see the differences. These are JPGs straight from my camera (an Olympus E5) that I copied over to the iPad. I edited each image in Snapseed, saved the updated version to the Camera Roll. Both before and after images where uploaded to WordPress using Blogsy.

Starting Another Blog

The Name

Welcome to my blog, oddrops. I decided to choose a name to reflect what I anticipate will be erratic and eclectic postings. Judging by the number of WordPress blogs that I checked for an available name, there are quite a few people with the same idea:

  • nothings “blogging, eh? might as well try it out” – for four entries in May 2006 until blogger’s block struck?
  • reflections with a single entry that ends “…something to help me remember when I begin to forget”. Clearly, ending with forgetting to post again.
  • shards “new manga by young artists” who must have got too old as the last entry is in June 2009?
  • reflets – a French blog with a strap line that translates as “dreams and jam” with a single entry announcing the birth of, I assume, his own bébé – which may explain the lack of subsequent entries.
  • bitsandpieces – a poet.
  • serendipity written by Sarah who was born on Valentine’s Day.

Then there were names that were deleted (oddsandends, oddbits) and more or with nothing but, the automatically generated, “Hello World” post. Eventually I decided on “odd drops”, but, of course, you’re not allowed spaces or reserved characters in WordPress. “odddrops” looked a little strange; so is born.

Does the world need another blog?

Of course, it doesn’t! There’s a enormous amount of bullshit out there already; my little extra dollop won’t make much difference.

Why am I starting a new blog? For several reasons, but mainly to extend the range of tasks for which I use my iPad.

I have owned an iPad since v1 went on sale in the UK. In the few months since the launch announcement, I had read many pundits proclaiming that the iPad was going to be brilliant for content consumption, but crap for content creation. I soon decided that view was blinkered; there are many, very clever, very useful apps for getting stuff done.

I couldn’t find an app that is compatible with my current blogging platform, Blogware. I could have used the browser interface, but I don’t like it much; so I decided to change. I did an unscientific survey of what’s available and decided to go with WordPress and Blogsy, which I’m currently using to compose this post.
And because I can…