WORDOID – Creative Naming Service

WORDOID – Creative Naming Service.

This site is worth a few minutes entertainment, even if you aren’t looking for a project or site name that no-one has thought of before. What surprised me is the number of .com sites that have already been taken from the worded suggestions. Out of 99 words that I generated with different criteria, 50 domains had already been taken.

Props to Seth Godin for the spot.


Popsicolor Postcard Update

In my last post about photo painting, I mentioned that I’d sent myself a postcard using Popsicolor’s integration with Sincerely. That postcard has now arrived. I placed the order and received an acknowledgement email on 21 October; on 23 October, I received a despatch notification; the card arrived on 28 October. It is a standard-sized postcard with what looks like a medium-glossy finish. It’s a good quality print and looks very attractive. My wife saw the card propped on a shelf and commented on its quality without knowing it was an image I had created.

The cost for this one-off postcard was USD 2.99, which I don’t think is wildly expensive. It’s possible to buy credits that reduce the cost: 249 bucks gets a price of just under USD 1.70 for an international card. The cheapest bundle is USD 9.90 and gives a unit price of USD 1.98. “Domestic”, by which I assume they mean US, costs half as much.

I think I will be using the service again.

Popsicolor - 33

10 Things I Learned Reading Brad Stone’s — The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon

10 Things I Learned Reading Brad Stone’s — The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon.

Persuaded me to buy the book.

xkcd: Tall Infographics

xkcd: Tall Infographics.

Chuckle, chuckle.

Photo Painting (5): Some More Apps

I’ve been continuing my search for good and fun photo painting apps. Today’s post looks at four more.


Painteresque works like many of the photo painting apps: choose an image from the camera roll/albums or take a picture and then apply a style. There are eight choices (Painteresque 1 and 2, Lithograph, Coloured Pencil, Charcoal, Rainbow, Mars and Portrait) plus “do nothing” that allows you to see the original photo. The results that this app produces are pleasing, but they don’t really turn your pictures into an oil painting or watercolour, or… The effects, as you can see from the examples, are more like a filter effect. The progress messages made me chuckle, “Narrying the Wembits” and “Magic Scrooberizing”.

There are controls that allow fine-tuning on quite a number of parameters; some producing weird results, but the effect is still that of a filter. And perhaps, that’s the main problem with this app: the name does not match the product. Still, as I’ve said, the final pictures are attractive, though I suspect (but could be wrong) there are many “filter apps” that produce similar output.

A nice feature of Painteresque is that should you happen upon a combination of these settings that pleases you, it’s possible to save these as a preset.

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iPhone 5S Review: Patagonia

iPhone 5S Review: Patagonia — Austin Mann.

Credit to John Gruber for spotting this.


Ce qui va vraiment saouler les français

Ce qui va vraiment saouler les français | Des mesures sont envisagées pour lutter contre le vin et non plus seulement contre la consommation excessive d’alcool.

The French Government seems to have it in for the wine industry, if this site is not misrepresenting the facts. The proposals include:

  1. Prohibiting talk about wine on the Internet
  2. Prohibiting promotion of wine in the media
  3. Increased taxation
  4. Radicalising (I assume that means really beefing up) the health message
  5. Stronger health warnings on bottles

Very odd approach to a country’s second largest export industry.

The Different Ways Men And Women Talk On Facebook

The Different Ways Men And Women Talk On Facebook | Popular Science.

Not too surprising that boys swear more than girls, but interesting anyway.