World’s Fair: Isaac Asimov’s predictions 50 years on

… a closer look at Asimov’s World’s Fair of 2014 reveals that his crystal ball was shockingly clear.

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Mindfire Is Free To Download Today (April 2014)

It’s my birthday on April 15th. To celebrate, here’s one of my best books for free. Tell your friends!

The book is a collection of my best essays and posts from ten years of writing about creativity, philosophy and life called Mindfire: Big Ideas For Curious Minds. Many fans and friends helped support the creation of the book on kickstarter (and they’re listed in the book as thanks). Since its release in October 2011 nearly 30,000 people bought and downloaded the book. If you’re new to my work, this is a great place to start

Scott Berkun

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The World’s Shortest Wine Book: A Review

The full title of the book is The World’s Shortest Wine Book: 21 Ways To Get More Out Of A Bottle Of Wine. So it might be a contender for the longest title for a (short) book as well. It’s written by Simon Woods who’s been writing about wine for a good few years. For reasons that I haven’t fathomed, there’s a sequel, The World’s Shortest Wine Book: The Missing Chapters, which is available for download from a link you’ll find in the e-book.

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How to choose a white wine: a beginner’s guide

If you’re stuck for something to say about a Sauvignon Blanc from anywhere on the planet, just say, “Oh, this reminds me of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.” This is understood by knowledgeable wine people to mean, “I’m an idiot, and my house smells like cat’s pee.”

Laughed out loud, all the way through this.

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Serendipity, Sex and Zevon

OK, I admit the title of this post is a little whimsical, but it’s not way off topic, and I like the alliteration.

I’m an Amazon Prime customer. When Amazon announced that free video streaming would be included to ward off some of the criticism of the forthcoming hike in the subscription, I wasn’t particularly bothered. In the UK the price has stayed the same for some time, and delivery is no-cost for Prime items, which is not the case for US customers who have to pay something. Also I don’t watch much video. But anyway, no extra cost is no extra cost, so I decided to browse.

I don’t remember how or why, but I stumbled upon Californication (Amazon UK). I’m not a David Duchovny fan; I know him from The X-Files, but I hardly ever watched that. I was hooked after was the first episode. It’s funny, absurd and sexy. Sometimes all three at the same time, such as the scene in Episode 1, when Hank (Duchovny’s character) gets punched in the face by a naked Mia when they’re in the middle of hot sex. Mia turns out to be the 16-year old daughter of Bill, who is the fiancé of Karen, Hank’s long-time ex-lover. (For the avoidance of doubt, it was Mia who seduced Hank; he was unaware of who, and how old, she was.)

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In praise of of the long lunch

The kind of place where one orders a third bottle and a quick lunch lurches into an early supper and things are said that cannot be taken back.

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Tweet Maps


The sources for this and other tweet maps are here and here. Quite interesting and very pretty.

Millennials just don’t get it! How the Muppets created Generation X

But if you search “don’t like the Muppets” on Twitter, you’ll find tweets making it very clear that someone who doesn’t get the Muppets just can’t be trusted.

Just click here for that.

When you search for Jim Henson on Twitter, you often find spontaneous retweets of Henson’s quotes:

“The most sophisticated people I know – inside they are all children.”

“Children don’t remember what you teach them. They remember who you are.”

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