The U.S. has Gone F&*%ing Mad

This is about an overblown national security apparatus — one that has regularly played Snakes and Ladders with the Constitution, jeopardized all of the most important technology companies in America, spied on its own Government, lied about it all, and really only exists to protect us from something that kills about as many Americans each year as sharks — that is now throwing its toys out of the cot.

Source: The U.S. has Gone F&*%ing Mad — Medium

F&*%ing spot on.

More Airtable

Flipbook ScreenbeanThis is the fifth post about the Airtable database. All Airtable posts are here.

For this post, I have put together slideshows with commentary for a number of different topics: Attachments, Output, and Backup and Restore. [Read more…]

Science and Belief 2

Even better. I’ll just provide the Non Sequitur link as I don’t think it’s fair to display the cartoons two days in a row.

Science and Belief

Another gem from Non Sequitur.

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Airtable Scenario: Airtable and the iPhone

)Other posts in this series about the web-based and iOS-enabled database, Airtable, can be found here.
Phone Screenbean

Airtable is a universal app that runs equally well on an iPad and an iPhone. In this post, I’m going to look at using the app on an iPhone. [Read more…]

Airtable 3

The structure of my Airtable demo database continues to evolve. I changed the name from “Businesses” to “Clients” and have settled on these tables as the basis for exploring how Airtable works in use rather than design.

This simple diagram shows the tables and fields in the demo database.

This simple diagram shows the tables and fields in the demo database.

I’ve decided to do this by describing different scenarios. I’m just going to write about these as they occur, so my apologies if there isn’t much sense to the organisation.

Previous posts about Airtable are here.

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Airtable Part 2

In a recent post I introduced Airtable, a cloud-based database app available as a web client and an iOS app. In this post I’ll describe building a simple database. I have not done any real design for this (making it up as I go along), but the basic idea is for a client management system for some company (I’ll call it ABC) selling some unspecified products and services. [Read more…]


A very long time ago I used to earn a living writing database applications on PCs. One early project for a fleet transport system was won over competition from KPMG. I remember being pretty chuffed about that at the time. So I’ve always had a soft spot for database software. I first saw Airtable mentioned in a post by Federico Viticci on MacStories. When the iPad app version appeared, I decided to give it a try.

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Don’t Be Hacker Bait: Do This One-Hour Security Drill

Do this one-hour digital security checklist to boost your data privacy and protect all your devices from hackers.

Source: Don’t Be Hacker Bait: Do This One-Hour Security Drill – WSJ

Good advice from the Wall Street Journal.