Truth and Consequences

There once was a little boy called Boris who really, really, really wanted to be Head Boy. This didn’t seem very likely until one of Boris’s friends, David who was Head Boy, made a very bad mistake. David called for a popularity contest when he didn’t need to.

So Boris lied and lied and lied and lied some more, trying to be picked as Head Boy. But people realised he was lying, so he didn’t become Head Boy. And David found out that he wasn’t as popular as he thought, so he had to give up being Head Boy.

Much to everyone’s surprise, Theresa was picked as Head Boy. But it was even more surprising when Theresa picked Boris as one of her assistant prefects.

Boris was supposed to make friends with the prefects from all the other schools in the area, so they could hold parties together.

Unfortunately, Boris was so convinced that his school was the best that he wanted all the other schools to pay to come to his parties, but to let Boris and his friends into their parties for nothing.

You will not be surprised that the prefects at all the other schools told Boris to “fuck off”.

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