No, Bacon Is Not as Bad for You as Smoking

… the goal is reasonable life extension: not foolishly reducing your life span (or adding decades of misery from chronic illnesses caused by risky behaviors) but also not foolishly extending it by failing to enjoy the life you have. For more years of a shitty life is worth less than less years of an excellent one.

Source: No, Bacon Is Not as Bad for You as Smoking

Good piece by Richard Carrier, despite the fact he should have said fewer years.


Book Review: Why I Am Not A Christian

Dr Richard Carrier wrote Why I Am Not A Christian because he was sponsored to set out his reasons for not being one.

Discussing our experiences, we realized we’d both encountered many Christians like this, who color their entire perception of reality with the assumption that they have to be right, and therefore the evidence must somehow fit.

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No Jesus?

I’ve never been a religious person. My father was a renegade Roman Catholic. Though we never really discussed it, I think he objected to the hypocrisy. So there was no question of church or Sunday School. My brother and I were baptised Church of England—because that’s what you did back then. Nonetheless, I’d always assumed that Jesus of the Bible was a real person. As a result of my meanderings through the web on the subjects of Creationism and Intelligent Design (and the utter stupidity of these ideas[1]), I stumbled upon the notion that Jesus wasn’t actually any such thing.

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